Design With Rick
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With the Accountancy group Barden is an going project where I provide new designs from Posters, magazine advertisements and of course for the main website itself, keeping the colours within in that of the logo even as colour scheme changes to show the professional level of the group and the information they provide.

Barden Curved Evolution.jpg
Barden Poster 3 2019 Adverts.jpg
Barden Poster 1 2019 Dublin.jpg
Barden Poster 5 2019 Spirit.jpg
Barden Feb Magazine bleed space.jpg
Barden January Poster A1 bleed space.jpg
Barden Poster 5.png
Barden Feb Magazine.jpg
Barden Infographic Web 1.jpg
Barden Infographic Web 2.jpg
Barden January Magazine.jpg
Barden May Magazine Advert.jpg
Barden July Magazine.jpg
Barden March Magazine Adverts2.jpg
Barden Montage Poster.jpg
Cruncher flyer.jpg
Cruncher flyer 2.jpg
Barden Poster.jpg
Barden Plain Poster.jpg
Barden Frank Digital Ad.jpg
Barden Lady Ad.jpg
Barden Like Ad.jpg
Barden Brochure1.jpg
Barden Brochure2.jpg
Barden Brochure3.jpg
Barden Brochure4.jpg